by FBJROCK74 aka Marie Gloria Rego


Wreck of the old 97



The French bass player, recruited at the last minute to play with the band, presented the song: “This song talks about people's suffering and about trains. It's about a train wreck.” But rest assured, the Allen Family Band is on the right track, full speed ahead. Pete, Josh, Geary and Ruby stand and play tightly together, laying out before us a panorama of American musical culture as they play. Anyone who could possibly not enjoy this family and wish somehow that they could be playing right there with them, would have to be a grumpy wet blanket. The unbridled enthusiasm of the Allen Family Band that comes shining through to brighten the already brilliant Laroche-Sur-Foron Bluegrass Festival 2014 teaches us about a bond so strong that it is the envy of many.


I've Endured



The Allen Family Band sing around a single mic just like in the good old days and maintain their dignity, their integrity and their virtues. This tight group plays and sings their music perfectly and transports you with the simple brush stroke of a master. Nothing can faze this adorable family, whose patriarch, Pete, plays his fiddle with infectious enthusiasm. It will only take a few minutes for you to be hooked by the bubbly spirit, warmth, happiness and many other good things that the Allen Family Band so naturally shares (Bluegrass Festival 2014 - Laroche-Sur-Foron).


Orange Blossom Special



When good old Pete lets his talent careen through his fiddle we're left with our mouths open, ready to drink in that fresh-squeezed Orange Blossom Special! When the Allen Family Band plays we hear the storm rip and the thunder roll over the Appalachians in Tennessee, over their hometown in England or as we saw it happen here, over the Arve Valley.  They clearly show us that family gatherings can result in something other than endless Scrabble games or hours of TV. We can see that this wonderful family has had music down deep in their bones since the beginning of time. The down-to earth dad of these siblings has them all in his grip, not an iron grip but the relaxed grip of his bow hand.  (Bluegrass Festival 2014 - Laroche-Sur-Foron)