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Bluegrass and Old Time Country Music

Geary sings and plays guitar and banjo.

Toby sings and plays bass and sings.

Ruby sings.

Josh sings and plays guitar, banjo and fiddle.

Pete sings and plays the fiddle and the mandolin.




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Bluegrass Nation

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Many Thanks to venues we have played at and the people who came to listen!


·       BBC One “The One Show” UK

· The Bell Inn Minster UK

·       Westport Bluegrass Festival Ireland

·       The Good Intent, Rochester UK

·       Orpington Folk Music Club UK

·       ***Little Opry, Cliftonville, Kent UK***

·       St Julians Club, Sevenoaks, Kent UK

·       Orwell Bluegrass Festival UK

·       South Essex Bluegrass Festival UK

·       Didmarton Bluegrass Festival UK

·       Uncle Dave Macon Days (guitar, fiddle and banjo contest) USA

·       Sally Mountain Bluegrass Festival (Gospel Session) USA

·       The Anchor Inn, Wingham UK

·       Musically Monstrous, Towersey UK

·       Broadstairs Folk Week UK

·       La Roche sur Foron Bluegrass Festival, FRA & CH

·       French Bluegrass Music Association Spring Concert, Vichy, FRA

·       East Anglia Bluegrass Festival UK

·       Kent to Kentucky, St Julian’s UK

·       Pijnackerplien Bluegrass Festival, Rotterdam NL

·       The Crispin Inn Sandwich UK

·       Chapel Arts Center Bath UK

·       Railway Oast Old Time

·       Bluegrass Plus Club

·       The Lighthouse Deal Kent

·       Dartford Folk Club

·       Bluegrass Plus Club

·       Tamworth Bluegrass Festival

·  Freiolsheim Bluegrass Festival Germany

And many others!


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